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Family run business

Stairlift Express is a family-owned business, creating tailored stairlifts to best suit your household and family’s needs. Stairlift Leeds is here to step in and solve your mobility issues with our safe and reliable stairlifts. We recognise mobility freedom in your own home is important, and our products are designed to fit and accompany those in need.

Who can benefit from one of our stairlift Leeds UK options?

If your mobility is beginning to suffer, look no further than stairlift Leeds, providing you with the suitable and affordable stairlifts that you desire. Our stairlifts are advisable solutions for a range of customers such as:

– Elderly

– Disabled

– Chronically health impaired

– Recovering from surgery

– Many more…

No matter the situation you or your loved ones find yourselves in, stairlift Leeds solutions can provide the stairlift model that fits you best.

What are the benefits of choosing one of our stairlifts?

When choosing one of our premium stairlift options, we provide a range of benefits and guarantees for our products and services, giving you the confidence and relaxation you need for decision-making.

First, we ensure that all our products are completely safe and dependable, designed to always keep our customers safe. This achieved through our high-quality safety belts to provide a secure and controlled environment. This is further improved upon with our controlled stairlift speed, designed to motor at a slow and steady pace for improved motion support.

Second, our stairlifts provide an independent and convenient option for mobility between levels in your home. Our stairlifts remove the need for help from others and giving back your independence and confidence.

What stairlift Leeds UK options are available for your home?

Stairlift Leeds solutions provide a wide range of styles, features and costs to suit any budget. Stairlift Leeds solutions offer 2 different types of stairlifts to accommodate any home. First, we offer the Straight stairlift, our most common and affordable range of models. Additionally, these come with a variety of additional features you can add to your stairlift for ease of use and comfortability, such as rotating chairs and obstacle sensors.

Second, we offer our more in-depth and customisable option from Stairlift Leeds solutions being the Curved stairlifts. These are designed to fit your staircase perfectly, regardless of

platforms, multiple landings and or a winding staircase. This, however, will require additional time for designing and installing, resulting in additional costs and time required.

What are the costs involved in one of our stairlift Leeds UK options?

Do you have worries about the expenses of a stairlift fit for you? The stairlifts Leeds team can offer the support or guidance you need. Using refurbished and preowned stairlifts, we present the opportunity for more affordable options for those who are price sensitive. Additionally, we ensure that all our refurbished stairlifts are completely safe through extensive testing and fixing, making sure that all our customers are happy with their stairlift.

We express confidence with our refurbished products, and in turn, offer an 18-month warranty as a bonus. Furthermore, if additional expenditure support is required, government assistance schemes are available to help offset the costs of your stairlift.

If you have any additional concerns or questions, our experienced and specialist team are just a call away. Additionally, you can get in contact with the team HERE. When considering the perfect stairlift, look no further than Stairlift Express!

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Enjoy peace of mind with a 18-month warranty for all parts and labour and
a free end-of-year service.

Our stairlifts

Each new and reconditioned stairlift we install has an 18-month warranty and includes a free service. Our nationwide engineers also offer ongoing aftercare and annual servicing to maintain your stairlift in full working order.

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