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Here at Stairlift Express, we are a dedicated family-based business that provides you and your loved ones with various Stairlift Hampshire options designed for your mobility needs. So, if you feel like you’re losing your independence or your quality of life is being affected, consider choosing one of our superior stairlift Hampshire UK options for your home.

Who can benefit from one of our stairlift Hampshire UK options?

A stairlift from Stairlift Express can assist a wide variety of people experiencing a varied range of needs. There can be various reasons why someone may benefit from using one of our stairlifts, from disabilities and infirmity to ageing. If you find yourself troubled when climbing the stairs, no matter what your personal needs are, we guarantee to help you find a stairlift Hampshire option to suit you.

What are the benefits of choosing one of our stairlifts?

By choosing one of our stairlift Hampshire options for your mobility needs, you are able to access a range of benefits, such as:

• Ease of use: All of our stairlift options are simple to use, with different ways you can choose from to operate them. Firstly, you can operate the stairlift with a simple and assessable lever handily located on the arm rest. Secondly, you can also operate the stairlifts with a control used at the head or foot of the stairs to steer the chair. Allowing you, as the user, the freedom to choose the right method for you to suit your personal requirements.

• Safety features: All of our unique stairlift Hampshire options come with a safety lap belt installed to minimise the user’s risk of falling out. We take the safety of our customers extremely seriously, and their well-being is of vital importance to us. That’s why we make sure that all our stairlifts operate slowly and smoothly between floors, helping you to feel safe and secure during use.

• Personalised options: Our stairlifts can be found in an assortment of designs, suitable for both straight and curved stairs, depending on your needs.

• Independence: As a highly rated stairlift provider for houses in Hampshire, our greatest priority is to assist you with regaining your independence and security.

• Peace of mind: You will find flawless results with the quality and safety characteristics of one of our stairlifts, giving you and your loved ones assurance of safety. Carers will also be happy to know that our chairs will help assist with daily care, lowering the chances of injury or physical strain.

What stairlift Hampshire UK options are available for your home?

Customers will find that all our stairlift Hampshire options are available in a variety of designs to suit all budgets and mobility needs. One of our most commonly purchased stairlifts is designed to be installed on straight stairs; even so, there are a range of extra options available, such as having the chair revolve around at the end of travel to allow for easy entry and exit. Customers often find that straight stairlifts are our most affordable option, as more complex design options will range in price.

Another stairlift option that we have is designed to be used on curved stairs or stairs that have several landings or platforms. These stairlifts will take extra time to install due to their customised fit to your stairs unique curvature.

What are the costs involved in one of our stairlift Hampshire UK options?

When looking into the costs of one of our stairlifts, customers will find that, due to their unique requirements, the price will vary. We have a range of assorted choices for new or reconditioned stairlifts; for more information, check out our stairlifts page. A comprehensive 18-month warranty and free service are available with all our new and reconditioned stairlifts. In some circumstances, there may be the possibility of government assistance schemes for support with the initial costs of our stairlift Hampshire UK options, available to some.

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Each new and reconditioned stairlift we install has an 18-month warranty and includes a free service. Our nationwide engineers also offer ongoing aftercare and annual servicing to maintain your stairlift in full working order.

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