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Welcome to Stairlift Express, a family-run business dedicated to providing you or your loved ones with a range of Stairlift Durham options to suit all your needs. So, if you find that mobility issues are hindering your independence or life quality, it might be time to consider one of our elite stairlift Durham UK options for your home.

Who can benefit from one of our stairlift Durham UK options?

Here at Stairlift Express, we know that our stairlifts benefit a wide range of different people with an array of diverse needs. There are a vast range of reasons why you could benefit from one of our stairlifts, from disabilities and infirmity to just naturally getting older. Whatever your reason, if you struggle to climb stairs independently, we have a stairlift Durham option to help.

What are the benefits of choosing one of our stairlifts?

Choosing one of our stairlift Durham options for your mobility needs provides you with a range of benefits, such as:

• Ease of use: Our stairlifts are incredibly easy to use, with a few different options for you to operate. One option is to control the stairlift with a simple lever conveniently located on the arm rest. Another option is using a control at the head and/or foot of the stairs to direct the chair. This gives you, as the user, the freedom to operate the stairlift in a way best suited to your needs.

• Safety features: All of our stairlift Durham options come equipped with a lap belt to avoid the possibility of falling out. The safety of our customers is paramount, so all our stairlifts move slowly and smoothly between floors, allowing you to feel safe and secure every time.

• Personalised options: Our stairlifts are available in a variety of designs for both straight and curved stairs, depending on your personal needs.

• Independence: As a first-rate stairlift provider for homes in Durham,our main priority is to return your independence and confidence of safety.

• Peace of mind: The quality and safety features of our stairlifts are impeccable, giving not only you but also your loved ones peace of mind. Carers will also find reassurance in the fact that our chairs assist with daily care, minimising the chance of injury or physical strain.

What stairlift Durham UK options are available for your home?

All of our stairlift Durham options are available in a range of designs and budgets to suit your needs. The most commonly requested stairlift is used on straight stairs; however, it may include various other additional options, such as the chair rotating at the end of travel to allow for easy entry and exit. Straight stairlifts are one of our most affordable options, as more complex options differ in price.

Other options available are stairlifts designed for curved stairs or stairs that have multiple landings or platforms. These options can take longer to install due to the custom fit to the stairs specific curvature.

What are the costs involved in one of our stairlift Durham UK options?

The cost of one of our stairlifts varies depending on your unique requirements. There are various different options for new or reconditioned stairlifts that you can find located on our stairlifts page. The cost of both our new and reconditioned stairlifts includes a comprehensive 18-month warranty and free service. Additionally, there may sometimes be government assistance schemes available to help you with the initial costs of our stairlift Durham UK options.

For a more in-depth look at how we can meet your specific requirements, please contact us.

Here at Stairlift Express, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality stairlift Durham UK options for all. We guarantee to provide friendly, reliable, and professional service every time. Let us help you regain your mobility and independence at home.

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Each new and reconditioned stairlift we install has an 18-month warranty and includes a free service. Our nationwide engineers also offer ongoing aftercare and annual servicing to maintain your stairlift in full working order.

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