Stairlift Express is a leading UK supplier of Acorn stairlifts, which are renowned for their excellent
quality and reliability.

Regular maintenance of your Acorn Stairlift will ensure it operates safely and efficiently for years to come. Maintenance can also prevent any potential issues from turning into major problems that could be
costly to repair.

Annual aftercare

Our reconditioned stairlifts include a comprehensive 18-month on reconditioned and 12 Months on new Stairlifts.

We also offer a yearly warranty scheme that includes a complete annual maintenance service to keep all your stairlift’s moving parts working as they should.

Our annual maintenance service includes:

Screenshot 2024-04-26 160019

Cleaning and lubricating all
stairlift rails and bearings

Screenshot 2024-04-26 160203

Inspecting all electrical

Screenshot 2024-04-26 160330

A battery

“Acorn stairlifts are known for their reliability, which is one of the reasons why they’re so popular. An annual maintenance check keeps everything working in the best possible condition for longer.”

Gary Simpson, Managing Director

Acorn stairlift repairs

acorn stairlifts

In the event that your Acorn Stairlift requires repair, our qualified and experienced technicians will diagnose the issue and work to get your stairlift back in working order as soon as possible.

If you’re having a problem with your Acorn stairlift, get in touch with us on FREEPHONE 0800 999 2292 or email, and we’ll arrange for an engineer to visit your home as soon as possible.