Buy Reconditioned Stairlifts

Reconditioned T700 Model under 1 year old - £1495 with 2 year warranty

Reconditioned T700 Model Reconditioned 1-2 years old - £1295

Reconditioned T700 Model Reconditioned 3-5 years old - £995

Reconditioned 130 Model Reconditioned 6-9 years old - £895

Reconditioned over 9 years old - £595

Acorn 120 with remote control - £745

Acorn 120 no remote control - £595

Stairlift Rental £350 + £10 per week

Buying Reconditioned Stairlifts

Investing in a used or reconditioned stairlift is a great option if you’re finding it difficult to manage the stairs independently. Our used and reconditioned stairlifts mean you can save money, without compromising on quality, and find a stairlift that’s been:

  • Rigorously inspected
  • Fully refurbished to the highest industry standards
  • Made to look as good as new

Payment options
We offer a no-money upfront option on all our refurbished stairlift models. In some cases, we can provide you with next day delivery and installation, giving you the freedom to negotiate your home again, safely and independently.

Cost-effective and reliable
You can experience all the performance and reliability of a new stairlift—for the price of a used and reconditioned model. We offer an industry-leading 18-month warranty and a free service with all our reconditioned stairlifts, for your safety and peace of mind. Please check our reviews to see our quality of work.

What are the advantages of buying a reconditioned stairlift?

Reconditioned stairlifts provide a considerable saving over the cost of brand-new installations, making them an attractive option for homeowners on a budget.

Quality assured
Competitive pricing does not mean we skimp on service. Our technicians will inspect, clean, and refurbish each reconditioned stairlift to make sure they’re safe for you or your loved ones and fit for purpose.

Environmentally friendly
Choosing a reconditioned stairlift helps us reduce waste, promotes sustainability, and gives a new lease of life to pre-owned equipment.

We buy unwanted straight stairlifts for refurbishment and resale.

Home customisation:
Many reconditioned stairlifts can be adapted to fit different staircase designs — ask for details of our current stock, to see if we have a model that will work in your home.

Move around your home without restrictions
Regain your independence with a reconditioned stairlift. With our commitment to high-quality reconditioning, you can trust that your used stairlift will be safe, comfortable, and reliable for years to come.

How to buy a reconditioned stairlift

When you order any of our reconditioned stairlifts, we’ll ask you a few questions over the phone to see what kind of staircase you have at home.

We may also ask you to send us a few photos and the measurements of your stairs from the tip of the top landing step all the way down to the ground floor in one straight line. We’ll explain how you can do this when we speak to you.

Then, we’ll arrange a convenient date and time to install your stairlift in your home.

Once your reconditioned lift is installed, we’ll complete a safety briefing with you that explains how to use your lift, and we’ll answer any questions you have.

After-sales care
We’ll also provide you with a receipt that includes details of your 18-month parts and labour warranty and your free annual service, which is included in your initial installation fee agreement.

At this stage, full payment for your reconditioned stairlift will be due.

We buy unwanted Acorn stairlifts for refurbishment and resale.

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