COVID-19 – A message to our customers


As a leading supplier of home stairlifts, it naturally follows that a high proportion of our customers will be over 70 or have a long standing medical condition. Both these factors render individuals at increased risk from the continuing threat of Coronavirus. Although the worst of the pandemic may have passed, Covid-19 still poses a risk to those who are more vulnerable.

Please be assured that we continue to take this situation very seriously and will continue to minimise the risk to our valued customers.

If you are looking to buy one of our Acorn or Brooks stairlifts, we will continue to offer our same high levels of customer service, while also considering all options to limit direct person to person contact with our customers.

If you already own a stairlift purchased from Stairlift Express you can continue to contact us via our customer service helpline of 0800 999 2292. If your stairlift develops a fault there is a good chance that this can be rectified remotely using the digital diagnostic display which is standard on all Acorn and Brooks stairlifts that we sell. This display enables us to understand the fault and how to rectify it. In many cases this is possible without the need to send an engineer to your home.

If it is necessary to send a Stairlift Express engineer to your home (to survey your staircase, install a stairlift or repair your stairlift) he or she will discuss hygiene protocols with you. This includes the wearing of a face covering and the cleansing of the equipment they carry.

You can expect the engineer to limit their time in your home to the minimum necessary and to remain some distance from you while they are there. In most cases you wont even need to be in the same room.

All Stairlift Express employees have been instructed to self isolate immediately if they experience any symptoms of Coronavirus and should not come into contact with any of our customers.

If you have any queries about buying a stairlift from Stairlift Express or having work done carried out on one that you already own during the current Coronavirus pandemic, please phone us on 0800 999 2292 or email us at