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Stairlift Express is a UK family business, covering the majority of England and specialising in new, reconditioned and used Brooks stairlifts. We have a wide range of quality Brooks stairlifts for sale at affordable prices.

Our Range of reconditioned Brooks Stairlifts

Brooks stairlifts are renowned throughout the UK for their reliability, comfort and innovative design. A Brooks stairlift provides a safe and convenient solution for individuals with mobility issues who struggle to safely navigate between floors in their home.

Established as a trusted name in the mobility aid industry, offering a range of models, each tailored to accommodate various weights of user and fit differing types of stairs, including straight, curved and landings.

Each stairlift is engineered with user-friendly controls to ensure users of all aptitude can use them easily and safely.

A smooth start-and-stop mechanism provides comfortable, jerk-free movement, whilst robust safety features such as swivel seats, safety belts and obstruction sensors keep your loved ones safe and secure during use.

The sleek, unobtrusive design ensures that the stairlift blends into the décor of almost any home, improving accessibility without compromising on style and looks.

Brooks are committed to quality and customer satisfaction, delivering peace of mind and independence to users, ensuring they can move around their homes once again with ease, confidence and above all, safety.

Stock of our used and reconditioned Brooks Stairlifts changes frequently, please contact us for latest stock levels.

Brooks Stairlifts are Reliable, Safe and Comfortable

We are an authorised dealer of Brooks Stairlifts. They are incredibly easy and simple to operate. In addition, they are attached to your stairs, not your wall, thus causing no damage to your home. A further advantage is they have an incredibly slim form-factor, making them far less obtrusive  to other people using the stairs.

brooks stairlifts

Key Features of Brooks Stairlifts

Slimline design.

Runs on maintenance-free rechargeable batteries. Works even in a blackout!

Numerical fault code display, for easy diagnostic and repair guidance.

Weight capacity 20 Stones (127Kg).

No unsightly structural work needed – fits direct to your stair treads rather than the wall.

All our reconditioned stairlifts come with an 18 month guarantee and in some cases, we can provide next day delivery installation. Here are just a few more of the features which set Brooks apart from other stairlift manufacturers:

Brooks Stairlifts

  • Folding arms, seat and footrest
  • Wireless remote control
  • Safety cut-out sensor
  • Swivel seat locks in either 45 or 90 degree position
  • Simple to use controls
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