How to find the best stairlifts for you...

Stairlift Express is a long established, family-run business, with over 20 years of experience, and we pride ourselves on trying to provide you with the best stairlifts to suit your situation and budget. From your first enquiry to ongoing servicing and support, we take great care to provide a friendly, reliable and totally professional service.

We’re proud to be an Acorn Stairlifts accredited partner and Brooks Stairlifts authorised dealer, two of the most well known, respected manufacturers of the best stairlifts available.

Choosing the best stairlifts for you...

When trying to narrow down your choices of which are the best stairlifts for you, several important points should be considered:

Staircase Type: There are a range of stairlifts available to suit your staircase at home, be it straight, curved or has landings. This will determine which type of stairlift you need.

Weight Capacity: Stairlifts come in a range of different carrying capacities and its important to choose the one most suited for you. High carrying capacity can mean larger, bulkier stairlifts, taking up more room and can mean an increase in cost. 

Space and Dimensions: Measure the width of your staircase to ensure the stairlift will fit comfortably, without obstructing the stairs or inhibiting passage for other users.

Safety Features: Look for stairlifts with safety features such as seat belts, swivel seats, obstruction sensors and emergency stop buttons. The best stairlifts have had millions of pounds and many years of research to ensure they are as safe and reliable as possible.

Comfort and Ease of Use: The stairlift may be used many times a day, so consider the comfort of the user. Again, the best stairlifts have features like padded seats, padded armrests, footrests and user-friendly, intuitive controls for maximum comfort and ease of operation by users of all abilities.

Power Source: Choose between battery-powered or electric stairlifts. Battery-powered models can be advantageous during power outages. However if mains power is available, the best stairlifts use mains power with a constantly recharged, battery backup, ensuring you remain mobile even if the power supply is interrupted. 

Installation: Evaluate the installation process, as some stairlifts are sold where the buyer is expected to install the stairlift or there are extra charges involved for installation. Please be assured that all our stairlifts include professional installation at your home.

Aesthetic Appeal: The best stairlifts are available in a range of designs and colours to integrate with your existing home décor. However, if you are purchasing a used or refurbished stairlift, your choices may be limited. 

Warranty and Maintenance: Check the warranty period of any stairlift you’re looking to purchase, and the availability of maintenance services to ensure long-term reliability and support. All our stairlifts come with an 18-month guarantee for peace of mind.

Cost: Assess the overall cost carefully – does it include just the stairlift itself or is installation extra? Are there any potential additional maintenance or service fees? 

Reviews & Recommendations: Make sure you research customer reviews to gauge the reliability and performance of the stairlift brand and model you are considering. Real life user experiences of the stairlift or the supplier can be invaluable. We publish our reviews here

We offer a wide range of new and used/reconditioned stairlifts to suit most situations and budgets. If you would like to discuss which are the best stairlifts available for your situation, please do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable and friendly team.

Stairlift Express prides itself on being a supplier and installer of some of the best stairlifts available on the market. We are an accedited partner of Acorn Stairlifts and an authorised dealer of Brooks Stairlifts. Our aim is to provide the best product and service to you.

We also purchase unwanted stairlifts, please contact us if you have a stairlift you would like removed.

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Choosing the best stairlifts for you